Best Museums in St. Louis

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If you’re looking to escape outside of your daily routine in St Louis, then check out some of the best museums in St. Louis with Suntrup Nissan. We’ll also show you some of the best free museums in St. Louis if you’re looking to get away on a budget. After you explore some of the best museums around, check out our St. Louis guide for other great destinations and hot spots in the area.

Best Museums in St. Louis: St. Louis Aquarium

The St. Louis Aquarium is a 120,000-gallon aquarium that houses jellyfish, sharks, river fish, and many other aquatic creatures. You can feed the turtles or pet some sharks and stingrays in the pools. How many different kinds of underwater animals can you see at this incredible museum? The St. Louis Aquarium is home to over 257 different species of aquatic animals, so you’ll never run out of animals to see when you visit this museum.

Address: 201 S 18th St, St. Louis, MO 63103

Best Museums in St. Louis: St. Louis Art Museum

If you’re looking for free museums in St. Louis and want to experience some of the most incredible art in the area, then head on over to the St. Louis Art Museum. The St. Louis Art Museum features paintings, sculptures, drawings, and many other kinds of art of all styles and genres, so you’ll be able to get your art fix and then some when you visit St. Louis Art Museum. For hours and more information, feel free to take a look at their website.

Address: One Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri 63110-1380

Best Museums in St. Louis: World Chess Hall of Fame

Any Jefferson County residents a fan of chess? If so, then check out the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis. This museum has many exhibitions from all over the world that show the unique connection between the sport of chess and the world of art. You can also see how the game of chess is represented through culture and history. Visit the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis for an unconventional way to escape.

Address: 4652 Maryland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108

Best Museums in St. Louis: National Blues Museum

Take a step back in time at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis. Discover the unique history of the Blues music genre and some of its most iconic figures at this one-of-a-kind museum. While it’s not one of the free museums in St. Louis, children under five years old and museum members can get in for free. Learn more about this museum with Suntrup Nissan.

Address: 615 Washington Ave. St Louis, MO 63101

If you’re looking to get away for an extended vacation, then check out some of the best hotels in St. Louis with Suntrup Nissan. Otherwise, we’ll show you around some of the best spots to head to if you’re looking to escape from St Charles for a little bit or for a while.

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Contact us for more free museums in St. Louis or other exciting places to go visit. Even though we’re a dealership, we’ll be your go-to resource for all of your Missouri attractions and destinations.


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