Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winding Road and Snow

Winter in St. Louis means that driving conditions are about to get a whole lot worse! If you drive clear past Jefferson County and Oakville, then it’s important to keep a few items in your car in case of an emergency. Our team at Suntrup Nissan has highlighted a few items that you should absolutely have if you want the best car emergency kit. Stay safe with our tips from our service team!

Winter Car Safety Kit Essentials

Being stranded in the cold is more than annoying — it’s dangerous. By having the following items in your winter car safety kit, you can ensure that you’re safe during trips from St Louis to St Charles:

  • Battery cables
  • Ice scraper
  • Portable shovel
  • Basic first-aid kit
  • Cell phone charger
  • External battery pack
  • Camera
  • Flat tire kit
  • Emergency tool kit
  • Items to help when stranded: flashlight, warning signaling cones, backup batteries, safety vest, and roadside triangles

While it may be tempting to blast the heat on your Oakville drives instead of bundling up, but if something happens to your vehicle, you’ll want to be adequately dressed. It’s important to dress properly or at least have all the necessary articles somewhere in the car, should you need to exit your car in cold, a snowstorm, or high winds.

  • Vital winter items: gloves, blanket, rain poncho, rags, boots, a hat. Pack anything to keep you warm if you get stranded during a snowstorm.

Essentials for Long Winter Drives

When you’re doing a holiday road trip, you might be driving through rural areas where help could be well over an hour away. It’s important to keep these items in mind when you’re driving well past St Louis during the winter:

  • Tow strap: If you or someone in your caravan becomes stuck in a ditch or even a parking spot after heavy snow, a tow strap is vital to getting you back on the road.
  • Fire extinguisher: An automotive-specific fire extinguisher is always a good item to have on hand, but especially in the winter months.
  • Long-lasting food and water: Extra water preparations and non-perishable food items are vital in the event you are stuck or stranded in treacherous conditions.

Get Winter Ready at Suntrup Nissan

Whether you’re looking for and emergency tool kit for a car, or want to know more about our new vehicle specials, our team at Suntrup Nissan is ready to help. Contact us if you have any questions about your winter emergency car kit, or anything else!

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