Diesel vs. Gas Trucks: Pros & Cons

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Are you looking for a brand-new truck for the St Louis roads? Then, you might be wondering about the difference between the diesel vs. gas truck segment. In this guide, we walk you through the diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons list. While both designs have their purpose, you might find that one suits your needs better than the other for the Jefferson County roads ahead. See which model is your perfect pick, and learn more about Nissan trucks in St. Louis.

Why Choose a Diesel Truck?

  • Torque & Towing – Diesel trucks typically have much more torque to offer than gas-powered trucks, which means a heavy-duty towing capacity for your toughest St Charles jobs.
  • Fuel Economy – Diesel fuel might be more expensive, but diesel engines are much more efficient. That means fewer pit stops on your next road trip.
  • Longevity – Diesel engines are simple and effective in design, which means they are more durable on average. In fact, some diesel engines have logged well over 500,000 miles!

Why Choose a Gas Truck?

  • Acceleration & Horsepower – While diesel engines offer great torque, the gas-powered truck excels when it comes to horsepower. That means better acceleration, which is a major asset for highway driving.
  • More Fueling Stations – Diesel fuel isn’t available everywhere, so a gas-powered truck can be much more convenient when looking for a gas station.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Gas-powered trucks are common, which means replacement parts are cheaper and easier to find when compared to diesel counterparts. This often means less expensive parts and service bills.

Comparing Gas & Diesel Engines

We’ve been through the diesel vs. gas trucks pros and cons list. So, what makes the two so different? 

  • Both gas and diesel engines are internal combustion engines. This simply means that the fuel turns into energy inside the engine. 
  • While gas trucks compress air and fuel at a ratio of roughly 10:1, diesel trucks compress their own air/fuel mixture at a rate between 15:1 and 25:1. 
  • Diesel fuel is self-igniting due to the high heat and often does not require a spark plug, while a gas-powered model does.
  • Higher compression ratios also allow for a smaller min-max temperature difference, which contributes to the higher fuel economy in a diesel engine.

Compare a Diesel vs. Gas Truck in Person!

Want to explore your options in person? Visit Suntrup Nissan in St. Louis to explore our truck inventory up close. Take a test drive at our dealership today, or contact us with your questions. We’d be happy to help you continue your research and find just the right model!


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