How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Cleaning Leather Car Seat

Leather seats are popular with St Louis drivers. But keeping them clean and in good shape can take some work. Leather seat care is a little more complex than cleaning cloth or vinyl upholstery. But the team at ourservice center wants you to be informed. So, we’ve put together a handy guide below on how to clean leather car seats.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats in Just a Few Steps

Proper leather seat care is quite doable. Just follow these simple steps.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats:

  • Make sure you have all the right cleaning supplies – vacuum cleaner, saddle soap or another leather cleaner, leather conditioner, two microfiber cloths, or a soft-bristled brush
  • Take up loose dirt with the vacuum cleaner, taking care not to rub any dirt in
  • Use a leather cleaning solution to clean your seats, but test it first on a small, out-of-view spot. If the spot is discolored, don’t use the cleaner.
  • Spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth (not the seat), and apply
  • Gently rub in the leather conditioner. If your seats are perforated, take care not to let cleaner or water get trapped in the tiny holes.

Leather Seat Care – Avoiding Sun Damage

It gets hot in Jefferson County during the Summer. And the sun can be especially hard on leather seats. They can get discolored and crack. Here are some tips for caring for your leather seats when sunlight is involved:

  • If you can keep your car parked in a garage, under a carport, or under a shade tree, do so.
  • If you have to keep your car parked in the sun, consider buying some inexpensive car shades that you can place in your windshield and on your windows.
  • Clean leather seats regularly and in the right way!

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Now that you know how to clean your leather car seats, make sure to check out our othertips and tricks. And the service center technicians at Suntrup Nissan of St. Louis are ready and able to assist you with any other service or maintenance needs you have. We’re just down the road from St Charles, so drop by orcontact us today!


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