Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

When you purchase a new or used car, crossover, or SUV at a participating Suntrup location, you’re entitled to a few extra perks that are exclusive to our dealership, including our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. It’s just one of many ways our team at Suntrup Nissan likes to say thank you to our customers! Learn more about how this Nissan lifetime warranty can help maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Coverage

Just what does this Nissan lifetime warranty cover? When you take advantage of our Suntrup Nissan lifetime powertrain warranty, you’ll enjoy coverage of the following components for the duration of your ownership:

Drive Axles – All internally lubricated parts: Gear cases and housing if damaged as the result of a mechanical failure to an internally lubricated part: Axle shafts and bearings: C.V. and universal joints; Propeller shafts.

Transmission/Transfer Case – All internally lubricated parts; Gear cases and housing if damaged as the result of a mechanical failure to an internally lubricated part; Torque converter; vacuum modulator valve.

Engine – All internally lubricated parts; Engine block, heads and intake/exhaust manifolds if damaged as a result of a mechanical failure to an internally lubricated part; Water pump; Thermostat and thermostat housing.

New Car Eligibility

All you have to do to maintain your reward eligibility benefits is take care of your vehicle as the manufacturer recommends! Just have all manufacturer recommended oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations performed at our service department. As long as maintenance services must be performed within 1,000 miles of the manufacturer recommended intervals, you’ll retain these excellent lifetime powertrain warranty . If you’re not sure what your recommended maintenance intervals are, be sure to consult your vehicles owners manual, or give us a call at 314-892-8200.

Pre-Owned Car Eligibility

When you buy a used vehicle at Suntrup Nissan, you’ll have access to the same lifetime warranty coverage. The requirements are much the same as with a new vehicle. In order to maintain your eligibility benefits, you are required to have to have your oil change, filter replacements, and tires rotation at the service intervals shown below. Services are to be performed at our service department. Service intervals are as follows:

Oil and Filter Change Service Interval

  • 3,000 Miles
  • 3,750 Miles
  • 5,000 Miles

Tire Rotation Service Interval

  • 5,000 Miles
  • 6,000 Miles
  • 7,500 Miles

Enjoy the Suntrup Nissan Lifetime Warranty Today!

Do you want to learn more details about our Nissan powertrain warranty? Don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at Suntrup Nissan! Our team is ready to help you keep your Nissan running strong for years to come.